Excellent Service

Excellent service. Thanks to Tony Capella for his professionalism and the pressure-free sales environment. We felt like we could trust him and it made us comfortable. Thanks Villeneuve Honda Joliette and Tony for my purchase.

Other customers satisfied

Attentive to Our Needs
I just purchased a new car at Villeneuve Honda. Tony Capella gave us an excellent service. He was attentive to our needs and never pressured us. I highly recommend him. By the way, Ii love my new Honda Civic!
Honest Dealership
The best dealer you can find. They are very honest. I bought my latest Honda CR-V there at a good price and Jonathan Gagnon was very nice and professional.
A Huge Thanks to the Service Centre
I bought a 2013 Hyundai Elentra about a month ago. There was a weird sound while braking so I contacted Étienne who told me to contact the Servic Centre. The brakes were changed for free and now, there is no weird noise anymore. A huge thanks to Étienne and the Honda Service Centre. I recommend!